Photo: Anthony Ambrose

Scientist, videographer, human being

The beauty of natural landscapes has captivated me all my life. I'm fortunate enough to have been able to work in some of the most pristine old-growth forests in California as a researcher at UC Berkeley in Professor Todd Dawson's lab. Combining my passion for science with videography, I share the unique experience of studying the canopies of the world's largest and tallest trees with people around the globe from the perspective of scientists.

Big trees aren't the only interesting organisms on this planet. All life, big and small, has an important role to play on our complex and interconnected planet. My curiosity for the world around me has inspired me to make short videos about a variety of topics, either commissioned by clients or pet projects of my own. I hope the videos I produce will educate, inspire, entertain and engage others to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the natural world.  

In this time of unprecedented change, what we hold dear can bring us together.


 Special thanks to Save the Redwoods League for their nearly 100 years of protecting redwoods forests in collaboration with California State and National Parks. None of the research we've conducted would have been possible without their foresight and support.