The trees speak for themselves. We humans are mere blips in the fabric of space and time. 



Adventure writer Thayer Walker joined us for our second year of measurements in Giant Forest to delve into the science and the passion behind the UC Berkeley role in the collaborative Leaf to Landscape project. Collaborating with fearless and talented visual storytellers from Novus Select, Walker shares the story behind our research in an engaging way in his bioGraphic article Last Tree Standing. Artist Jane Kim beautifully explains water movement in trees in her animated drawings

Kqed Quest

Gabriela Quirós, KQED science video producer, joined us in Giant Forest to find out how the drought was impacting the world's largest trees, the giant sequoias. Her video won a Northern California Emmy.

LA TImes

Thomas Curwen, reporter for the LA Times, takes the time to get the story right. He wrote about our project and what we were learning about California's historic drought


Daniel Sheer, a cutting edge story-teller at GoPro weaved together 360 degrees of giant sequoia visuals you can immerse yourself in. You'll be transported to the land of elders.


Ezra David Romero reported news of our project early on, when we were doing the most dangerous part of our research, rigging the biggest trees on the planet. 

THe Guardian

Cally Carswell, reported the larger story about the impacts of California's historic drought on forests across the state in the Guardian